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Hello;you can call me Dee or Bacon if you like and welcome to my blog,here you will find so many different fandoms in one. Expect everything, but not much. Feel free to ask me any questions or hit the follow button! \0/
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wow! what a fun day :D!

I laid around and was drawing for a good portion of the day and then…..BOOM!

Its time to cosplay with http://soul-eater-evans-weapon.tumblr.com/

although we were gunna have Brooke (our sora cosplayer with us) but she said she had to much homework and couldn’t do it :(

so sad! ;_;

anyways I’m still working on my final shirt and shorts (so I apologize for the lack of full body/costume shots) 

oh… and because my ask box was screaming with “TAKE A TASHIRO SHIPPY SHOT”… I had to convince Haze :P

and here it is for all you fan girs.. LMAO 


enjoy and thanks all :D haha

Tai and Izzy
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