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Hello;you can call me Dee or Bacon if you like and welcome to my blog,here you will find so many different fandoms in one. Expect everything, but not much. Feel free to ask me any questions or hit the follow button! \0/
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ok… This is old… but I found this in my phone and thought I should post it :3 lmao

I cant wait to start sewing my shirt with yellow buttons and stars, but for now it remains blue until I get the materials to do so! XD

so I apologise for the bad cosplay shirt right now!! ohh I cant wait to cosplay tomorrow ;_;! (So I warn you in advanced)

oh! since our Sora cosplayer backed out on joining us in this cosplay adventure…. We are going to have a tashiro photoset :3! sooooo, go ahead and suggest some ideas for us :3! lol

me and 


i hope our sora will cosplay with us ;_;
maybe i can convince herbacons facecosplaytaggg
  1. cyclone5000 said: :D You two are adorable!
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